Closers Low FPS Fix-what should you need

closers low fps fix

Having a hard time getting 60 FPS in Closers? There’s a simple fix for that! To get closer to the 60 FPS cap, lower the refresh rate of your graphics card. This is the only way to make the game run smoothly and at the highest FPS possible. If you have a high refresh rate, the game may feel too choppy and may flicker lightning. It’s possible to fix this with a small number of tweaks and a few tips.

Boosting frame rates

Boosting frame rates in Closers is a very simple process, but the results can vary significantly. Generally, you want to aim for a 60 FPS frame rate, because this is the optimum frame rate for a smooth gameplay experience. Boosting frame rates in Closers can help you increase your frame rate by up to 50%, though this option may cause some unwanted effects and reactions.

Boosting CPU

If you’ve tried the CPUBoost feature, but are still getting the same low frame rates, you should consider upgrading your display. Buying a higher-resolution monitor will increase your FPS immediately, but will cause a performance hit in the long run. Using the HEX Editor is one way to bypass the performance check and boost your FPS significantly. In our testing, a 3800X CPU with an RTX 3080 GPU produced a 15-30 FPS spike in lower-end FPS. In addition, the boost was even greater on 8-core CPUs. On the other hand, Ryzen 9 5950X didn’t get any boost, and also experienced performance drops on higher-end CPUs.

Boosting GPU

Boosting the GPU is an easy way to fix low FPS in a game. You may want to check the Advanced Options menu in the game to see if you can tweak any settings for better frame rates. Different GPUs take a different performance hit in different games, but small tweaks can increase the frame rate by 5 to 10%. AMD’s OCAT and FRAPS both can help you check your graphics card’s performance.

First, you should make sure your video card can handle the additional workload of the game. Overclocking CPUs will cause instability and decreased life span. However, boosting GPUs can cause a significant boost in FPS and help the game run smoothly. Overclocking GPUs will not cause the game to crash, but it will increase the CPU’s workload. However, this should only be used if you are sure that it will not affect other parts of your gaming PC.

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