Rouch Wordle Answers Revealed!

Rouch Wordle

This basic word-guessing game gives players six chances to correctly predict a five-letter word. It is available on the website and can be played on a computer or mobile device. Each word turns green when you get them all right; if you get one wrong, you turn the box gray or yellow. After six attempts, you get the chance to play again until you get them right. The next time you play, try using a different starting word.


There are many wordle answers that are similar to Rouch, but the wordle with the correct answer is not yet available. The answer to wordle #340 is VOUCH. Using the criteria from the word Rouch as a clue, you can come up with 6 possible answers. Read on to learn how to solve wordle #340 and enjoy the fun and challenge. But be warned, it is not always easy to guess the correct answer!

A good starting word for Wordle is RAISE, which covers two of the three common consonants and three of the most common vowels. If you don’t feel like cheating, you can play previous Wordle puzzles in the Wordle Archive. To play older versions, click on the “Previous” option at the top of the Wordle page. This will take you to the archives of all past puzzles.


One of the first rules of the Rouch Wordle is to start with a common word. Some players start with a common word like “RAISE,” while others choose consonants like “S,” “T,” or R. Various experts have weighed in on the ideal starting word, including computer scientist Crvlwalnek, who ran a study of the Wordle source file to determine which words are most likely to win.

In the original Wordle, players have up to six guesses to decipher the daily word. The word is always five letters long, and if you guess wrongly, the letter will turn yellow. If you guess correctly, the word will turn green, and if you miss, the letter will be grey. The next step in the game is to scramble the green and yellow letters into new words, and guess the new letters that go with the green ones. Players only have six guesses to complete a puzzle, and if they don’t use all of them, they lose.


A clue in the Rouch Wordle is: What did Vodafone do with the iconic pug? Vodafone acquired a telecom company in India, which then bought an iconic pug. The final clue will reveal the answer. Scroll down to see the answer, but be sure to turn back before spoiling the surprise. You might want to use the hints to help you with the puzzle. Wordle 376 is very difficult, so if you don’t know the answer, look for the clues.

In addition, you can use any five-letter word that starts with R. The first letter is a common vowel. The rest of the word has two vowels. The iron color will be red or yellow. Read all five clues and stop when you’ve gotten a feeling of a word. If you can’t figure it out, don’t worry. The clues are below.

Optimal starting word

Until the launch of Wordle in October 2021, users have speculated about the best starting word to use. Many chose words containing their favorite vowels and consonants. A mathematician has developed an automated bot that tests thousands of words to find the most optimal starting word. According to the New York Times’ WordleBot, the optimal starting word for Rouch Wordle is ‘Crane’.

This strategy is based on a study that found that the most common letters in the Oxford Dictionary are A, B, C, and S. These are great starting words for players because these letters are already present in many words. However, some people opt for specific letters such as S, since all plurals start with this letter. This strategy, however, significantly reduces the number of possible starting words. It is also a strategy that increases a player’s chances of winning the game.

Requires good vocabulary

Do you enjoy playing word games? If so, you’ll likely have already heard of Wordle. It’s a word game created by Josh Wardle, a software engineer. The creators of Wordle are also behind the popular Place and NYT Spelling Bee games. Wordle requires a good vocabulary, but doesn’t require an impressive one. Words chosen for starting the puzzle are words that most English speakers will recognize. Most Wordle users swear by one starting word.

You can learn more about word meanings with Wordle. It’s a fun way to brush up on your vocabulary and improve your language skills. The goal of this word puzzle is to reveal a hidden five-letter word using 6 guesses. Correct letters in the right place will turn green, while incorrect letters will turn orange. Recent Wordle solutions can help you prioritize your guesses, while hints will make the game easier.

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